Currently, 10% of net profits will be donated to the Global Survivor Fund

Global Survivor Fund was founded in 2018 by Dr. Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad. On 10 December of that year, Dr. Mukwege and Nadia Murad received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to end sexual violence as a weapon of war in armed conflict. From that moment on, Nadia Murad, as a survivor herself, being so aware of the importance of reparations and redress, joined Dr. Mukwege in this mission. Together they developed the Global Survivors Fund (GSF).

It is important to me that this organization is survivor-centric. As part of co-creation initiatives, projects are constructed so that survivors participate at every stage, including design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. GSF currently has projects in Central African Republic, Turkey, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo and Iraq.

Previous organizations Purple Thread Labels has supported

In 2022, 10% of net profits were donated to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.

IRSSS is a non-profit based in North Vancouver, BC and operates throughout the province. Their mandate is to provide physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual growth, development, and healing through culturally-based values and guiding principles for Survivors, Families, and Communities.

To learn more about Residential Schools, I highly recommend reading the Truth and Reconciliation Final Report Summary and the 94 Calls to Action. A number of years ago, I was present in a panel with an elder who encouraged each of us to pick one or two Calls to Action and then get to work. (I have committed to 63, 71-76, 92 and 93.)